Leader dans le nettoyage et l'inspection des égouts  
Posted Sur 11 déc. 2018 10:33:55

Si nous voulons donner à nos enfants une vie sur cette planète, nous devons rapidement modifier notre comportement et nos actions. Le gouvernement et divers partis prennent des mesures pour réduire les émissions de substances polluantes. Ainsi, à partir de 2019, les exigences en matière d’émissions seront réajustées.

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Posted Sur 24 oct. 2018 09:28:43
Just over two years ago, Rioned introduced the stylish UrbanCombi on the market. From day one, the new concept was very well-received and found its way to many customers in different countries. The UrbanCombi is a real powerhouse and ideal for work in lower car parks.Continue reading »
Posted Sur 12 juil. 2018 17:17:44
Let’s start close to home - in ‘s-Hertogenbosch! You can go on an unusual boat trip on the Binnendieze in this city. Contrary to the rivers of London, which are often part of the sewage system, the Binnendieze is as clean as a whistle. We wrote about the transformation of the Binnendieze in a previous blog. Many people are unaware that the Binnendieze was used as an open sewer until 1969.Continue reading »
Posted Sur 12 juil. 2018 13:53:03

After several years of strong growth, Rioned found that more space was needed. Project 2020 was initiated some time ago to fill in the details of the expansion plans. As described in a previous article, Project 2020 also includes an extension to Rioned’s test room.

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Posted Sur 4 juin 2018 10:24:16
Team Rioned looks back on a successful IFAT exhibition in Munich with many visitors and interesting contacts. We shared our booth with sister companies KaRo Technik from Germany and Spartan Tool from the USA. They are distributing Rioned products in Germany and the United States. We’ve had many international distributors on our booth (check our international network and partnerships here).Continue reading »
Posted Sur 23 mai 2018 15:16:05
Certains d’entre vous aurons déjà remarqué? Vous rencontrez régulièrement de nouveaux collègues dans notre entreprise. Nous développons et renforçons constamment notre équipe. Dans cette section, nous entamons des discussions avec nos nouveaux collègues. C'est comme ça qu'on donne un visage à Rioned. Cette fois vous rencontrez Dominique.Continue reading »
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