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Introduction of the new RioMote remote control

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Thanks to the RioMote remote control, Rioned sewer cleaning machines can be easily operated by only one person. From January 1st 2020, we start with the integration of the new generation RioMote manual transmitter. What will actually change?

Greater range and FHSS technology

The new RioMote has an even bigger range (approximately 30-40%) and the FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology is being used. This means that the transmitter keeps searching for the strongest frequency. This ensures that when another vehicle or radio signal with the same frequency passes, the RioMote will automatically switch to a different frequency.

New design

With a new RioMote remote control comes a new appearance. The buttons are positioned on the surface, which makes it easier to operate when you are wearing gloves.

Different battery

The new RioMote also has a new battery. This battery will last more than 14 hours. However, it’s a different type than the battery of the “old” RioMote. Because of this, the batteries aren’t interchangeable.

The benefits of the new batteries are as follows:

  • No memory effect (it doesn’t matter if you charge the battery when it’s not completely empty)
  • Less self-discharge
  • Higher energy density (more power)

The new RioMote through the eyes of our developers

Innovation and convenience are high priorities at Rioned. Because of that, we are constantly searching for innovations and user feedback to make our products more efficient, technically better and better looking. This also applies to the RioMote. We spoke with Marc Soethout, head of Product Development at Rioned.

Marc tells: ‘’We receive a lot of positive feedback from our customers about using the RioMote remote control. They give us advice for further development of the product. By the development of the new RioMote, we used modern electronics and transmitting and receiving techniques, to improve the range of the remote control. Therefore there will be less chance of interference. And if there will be an interference, you can directly see on the remote that it is out of range of the machine. This will work much more efficient for our customers. I am very happy with the new RioMote, and I am sure our customers will feel the same.”

Available from January 1st 2020

Do you order a new high-pressure sewer jetting machine or combination jet/vac unit with remote control after January 1st 2020? Then your machine will be equipped with the new RioMote. The new RioMote will be available as a 5 and 7 channel manual transmitter. Are you curious about the possibilities, or do you have any questions? Please contact your Rioned account manager, or send an e-mail to [email protected]!

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