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A Deep Dive into the RioCom

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With the introduction of more Low and Ultra Low Emissions Zones in cities across the UK, contractors are increasingly turning to emissions-compliant, single-resolution vehicles for their everyday jetting operations. This blog takes a deep dive into the specifications of the popular RioCom 7.5t jet/vac combination unit, and the features that make the unit so popular with customers.

What is a jet/vac combination unit?

Jet/vac units combine suction and high-pressure jetting pumps to allow operators to undertake multiple drainage tasks in a single visit. With both jetting and suction capabilities, they can be used for a variety of jobs including gully cleaning and to clear wells, grease traps, and flooded basements.

While large tankers such as the FlexCom still dominate the industry, smaller 7.5t tankers are proving a popular choice for jetting, suction, and desilting tasks in emissions-regulated areas, restricted access sites and narrow city streets inaccessible to larger machines.

The Features

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PTO Drive

Built on a facelifted Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 7C18 chassis, the RioCom utilises PTO (Power Take-off) drive from the vehicle’s Euro-6, direct-injection engine to power a Jurop PNR82 and high-performance pump delivering a suction capacity of 1800gpm and high-pressure jetting of 2200psi @22gpm. Offering performance comparable to larger tankers, this compact powerhouse is Stage V and ULEZ ready and can be used in drains and sewers with a diameter of up to 650mm.

Duct Desilting

The RioCom can also be modified for duct desilting purposes. By decreasing the pressure and increasing the flow to suit customer needs, the jet/vac delivers high-pressure jetting of 4000psi @12gpm and suction at 1800gpm. A RioPulse pulsator unit propels the jetting nozzle further down the pipe to aid cleaning in smaller diameter pipework and cable runs up to 350m, meaning that a range of duct desilting tasks can be completed alongside difficult jetting tasks in a single visit.


Secure, Shuttered Storage

The facelifted design features a range of secure, shuttered storage to ensure safe operation on UK highways. A combination of the recommendations of the New Road and Street Works Act and customer feedback, the RioCom features heated lockable cabinets and shutters along both sides of the unit, allowing ample space for tools, ancillary equipment and PPE without adding to the vehicle’s overall weight.

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LED Lighting

LED warning beacons, lightbars, work lamps and reflectors are all included as standard with the RioCom to ensure operator safety at all times. These can be used to illuminate the working area at night or in bad light, as well as to reduce the risk of unauthorised access by indicating that high-pressure equipment is being used.

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3000-Litre Water Tank

A 3,000-litre water tank – split into 2,000 litres of waste and 1,000 litres of clean water – is interconnected to allow both tanks to be filled with clean water for large-scale tasks if needed. Easily accessible at the back of the vehicle, the tank also features a 3” inlet, 4” outlet and a sludge tank indicator.

Pivoting Hose Reel

The hydraulic high-pressure hose reel at the rear of the unit pivots through 180° to provide optimal working conditions. RioSpindel hose guidance is also fitted to the base of the reel to reduce the risk of the high-pressure hose kinking or fraying when it is lowered into the pipe. The reel houses 80 metres of Rioned’s NW13 lightweight hose, with a large inner diameter and smooth inner surface significantly reducing pressure loss at the nozzle.

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eControl+ and RioMote

The 7 or 9-Channel RioMote radio remote control and award-winning eControl+ machine management system are supplied as standard to allow the RioCom’s engine, pumps, and revs to be controlled from a distance by a single person. An LCD screen and user-friendly jog wheel provide users with system information at a glance, including working hours, RPMs and various liquid level warnings to ensure the safe and correct operation of the jet/vac unit.

3000w Inverter

A 3000w inverter provides AC power for ancillary equipment including pushrod and crawler camera systems, allowing contractors to operate the RioCom as a single-resolution unit. This offers significant savings on manpower and working hours and helps to reduce emissions.

Welfare Station

To aid operator safety, all Rioned jet/vac combis include a welfare station, complete with handwash and eyewash facilities. Easily accessible at the side of the vehicle, this is an essential part of the safe operation of high-pressure jetting and suction equipment and allows operators to minimise the risk of exposure to contaminants and organisms released from drainage activities.

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Reversing Camera

The addition of a reversing camera aids manoeuvrability when working in narrow city streets, restricted access sites and residential areas, minimising the risk of accidents when positioning the unit close to the drain opening.

Nozzles and Hoses

The RioCom is ready to head out on the road as soon as it is handed over to our customers, with all units supplied with 80 metres of NW13 jetting hose, either 17 metres of 3” or 25 metres of 2.5” suction hose, a starter nozzle kit and spray gun with lance attachment as standard.

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